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In Indian Territory (Eastern Oklahoma) most families were mixed bloods and most were farmers.  The work in the fields was often shared by neighbors . . . the work was necessary for survival and very hard BUT it was also almost a social opportunity for the families. Corn was the most important crop for these families . . . for their own consumption and for their livestock.  These two women are sharing the work of preparing to make hominy - one is picking and carrying the corn and the other is shelling.  This is just the beginning of the work needed to create a favorite food. 

6" x 10" image Limited Edition Print

Harvest Visit won Best of Painting at the Cherokee National Museum, 1992 Trail of Tears Art Show and  has been featured as:  Cover of MODERN COLLAGE MAGAZINE, Oct. 98,New Jersey

Cover of the Annual Report for Rural Electric Coop, Oklahoma

Featured in ILLUSTRATED ATLAS OF NATIVE AMERICA depicting mixed bloods. 

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