We have added four new images to the website BUT they are not new paintings.  You know how you feel that something happened because it was meant to be?  We have a computer that is so old, it has Windows 7 . . . . which I love!  The problem was that I procrastinated moving databases and documents over to our Windows 10 computer because I was so comfortable with Windows 7 Publisher.

My husband, JR, and I panicked a couple of weeks ago when my old computer started acting erratic.  I grabbed a flash drive to try to copy and move the important databases and documents to the new computer.  We have a lot of flash drives but the one I grabbed had many, many photos . . . Including good photos of 2 paintings which sold long ago and which we never reproduced.  Oh, after the panick, my old computer straightened up on it’s own.

We remembered that we must have taken the photos just before I had my stroke on October 2011.  The next year was nothing but rehab and being grateful and angry at the same time! Eventually I learned to paint predominantly with my left hand so I continued with my career BUT I’m still angry about the stroke. 

Anyway, that’s why these paintings (“Life’s Journey” & “Quiet River”) had not been seen before now.   The 3rd painting, “Mother’s Basket”, through a mysterious journey, ended up on my sister’s kitchen wall . . . I painted it in the 1980’s.  The 4th painting “Calm & Patient

has been hanging on our bedroom wall for years.  It  has a gouge through the canvas from a rough trailer ride to a show.  JR has always loved the painting and decided to photograph it and use a computer program to erase the gouge from the moon . . . .and it worked!

I enjoyed seeing them all again and really enjoyed writing a little story for each.  If you use the Search Tool to find the Image Titles, you can read my stories.